5 Types of Electrician Screwdrivers

5 Types of Electrician Screwdrivers

Electricians need a reliable set of screwdrivers to safely and effectively complete electrical work. To ensure high productivity within your business, it’s a smart idea to invest in screwdriver sets specifically designed for electricians.

All screwdrivers used for electrical work should be insulated and at least 1,000-volt rated for safety. This design helps protect users from electrical shock and arcing while preventing damage to the equipment the electrician is working on.

You’ll find many different kinds of insulated screwdrivers on RS. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about the various screwdriver types, discussing their unique features and benefits.

  • Slotted head

Slotted-head screwdrivers, also known as flathead screwdrivers, are some of the most common tools of the trade. You’ll find them in everything from basic DIY tool kits to specialised sets.

These screwdrivers are more versatile than Phillips head varieties thanks to their simple, flat head and compatibility with a broad range of screw types.

Of all electricians’ screwdrivers, these are likely the type your employees will reach for most often. That’s why it’s important to have a range of sizes on-hand. Typically, you’ll find sizes ranging from 5.5mm to 8mm in width.

  • Phillips-head

Phillips head screwdrivers are another extremely popular tool. They feature a cross or X-shaped head designed to fit matching screws, offering an improved grip. This design reduces the risk of ‘cam-out’ or slipping, saving electricians time and energy as they work.

  • Pozidriv

The Pozidriv screwdriver is similar to the Phillips-head, although it is less common. It features the same cross-head design as the Phillips, although each intersection on the tip raises slightly.

The benefits of Pozidriv screwdrivers include better torque and a lower risk of slippage compared to the Phillips-head.

  • Torx-head

As you might guess, Torx-head or Torx-tip screwdrivers boast ultimate torque! They feature a flat, six-pointed tip that resembles a star.

Electricians might use a Torx-head screwdriver when working on computers, vehicles, or other electrical devices with matching screwheads. 

There’s also a similar kind of screwdriver known as the ‘security’ Torx. These varieties are similar to the standard Torx-head driver but have a hollow centre designed to fit screws with a raised central pin.

  • Robertson

Roberton screwdrivers are also known as square screwdrivers. They have a flat, square-shaped tip.

These types of screwdrivers offer reduced movement and slippage—although they are significantly less versatile than Phillips-head and slotted screwdrivers.

Regardless, it’s a smart idea to keep a few insulated Robertson screwdrivers in your employees’ tool kits in case they need to work on a device, machine, or appliance with square-drive screws.

Variety matters

Ensuring your electricians have access to various insulated screwdrivers is essential for success. Investing in specially-made tool kits is the best way to achieve this, guaranteeing your employees will have the type of screwdriver they need to complete any job.

When browsing around, look for comprehensive screwdriver sets with extra features to make life easier (and safer!) for your electricians, such as durability, heat resistance, and dual-layer insulation.

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