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Combo Picks – How to Choose a Combo Pick

Diamond/Rake Combo Picks are excellent lock picking tools. They are made of tempered stainless steel, deburred and burnished to a soft luster. They feature a smooth rivetless construction and are rust-proof. These picks are best for individual pins, but they can also be used on raking and disk locks. Here are some tips to choose a combo pick:

Dava Grip Tip Picks

If you’ve ever played a solitary note and wanted to make it sound more powerful, you might want to try out Dava Grip Tip Picks. These versatile picks are molded from an over-molded rubber grip. Many musicians have tried to attach rubber pieces and sand to a guitar pick to make it sound better, but this solution never seems to work. The thin profile of these picks allows for incredible sound and feel. They are made from Delrin material, which provides a firm feel and superior sound.

The Grip Tips by Dava are new to the market, and have only recently gained popularity with guitarists and other musicians. They’re similar to the Delrin version, but feature a flexible centre section. In addition to the center section, they have multiple gauge thicknesses. They can be held in light or heavy gauge positions, depending on how tight or loose you want to play. The grippy rubber layer on the outside allows for a firmer hold for a smooth and faster feel.

Diamond/Rake Combo Pick

A good pick set should include at least a Diamond/Rake Combo Pick. The City Rake is one of the most iconic pick sets and is named after the iconic New York skyline. However, if you’re on a budget, the SouthOrd Diamond/Rake Combo Pick is an excellent choice for many reasons. This lockpick features a smooth rivetless construction, tempered stainless steel, and deburred and burnished blades. It’s made in the U.S., and the forged blades have a durable steel blade.

Another popular pick is the Half-Diamond, which is included in most sets. It is ideal for picking individual pins, but is also a useful tool for raking and wafer locks. A half diamond pick is about 0.1 to 0.5 inches long, and its ends may be steep or shallow. A normal set contains three half-diamond picks. These are useful for raking and crassing, and are the simplest to use.

Combo Picks

The city rake is based on Peterson’s mini ripples, and is a shadow of the original city rake design. Raking picks are also used for zipping, which is a technique for violently bouncing the pins to the shear line. In order to do zipping, you pull the pick out of the keyway while applying upward force to the pins. There are many styles of Rake Combo Picks available in the market.

A Deforest Diamond Pick is a great choice for beginners who have heavy hands. Unlike the Half Diamond, it is not easy to open rusted or corroded locks with a Deforest Diamond Combo Pick. This pick has a unique ability when removing angles. While it may be a bit too long for a long-handled lock, it provides better maneuverability than the Half Diamond alone.

The Diamond/Rake Combo Pick has many different functions. It can be used for a rocking motion or a scrubbing motion. It’s very effective for locks with short pins in the center of the lock and longer ones at the front. A combination of the two is very effective. There are many ways to use a City Rake. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support department.

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