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Costybgarden Reviews – How to Find Reputable Costybgarden Reviews

It’s not easy to find credible Costybgarden Reviews. This online retail store is not registered and uses fake addresses to gain the trust of buyers. Moreover, it claims to offer free shipping globally. Considering all these factors, we think that it’s better to opt for another site. We have listed a few factors that you should look for before choosing Costybgarden. Listed below are some of the common problems that we have found with the company.

Costybgarden is an online-based retail store

A unique audit of the site reveals that Costybgarden sells nursery and home complex decor at cost-effective prices. The website also features various kinetic sculptures and mousetrapping gadgets. In case you are looking for a special gift for a loved one, Costybgarden is a perfect place to shop. If you’re in the market for a garden decor item, the site also has a range of items that are ideal for little ones.

Although the website pretends to have a physical store in Los Angeles, this is not true. The website’s address is a fake store in China that operates from an office in China. Furthermore, delivery time can take weeks or even months. You can’t get a refund after placing an order, because it will take weeks or months to receive the item. While the site claims to offer free worldwide delivery, this is not the case.

It claims to provide free delivery globally

The website of Costybgarden offers free delivery worldwide on orders over 49 USD. The company also claims to provide free shipping for selected countries. The icons on Costybgarden’s website are inactive or unresponsive, so it’s not clear if the shipping service is available in other countries. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal, but don’t list their contact information. They don’t offer a link exchange or review system.

The site’s website is fairly thin on content, with just a few pages. It’s unclear how many customers the company is trying to reach, as it lacks a website design and social media presence. The site also fails to meet basic criteria of legitimacy, including a lack of contact information. It’s best to avoid Costybgarden in the future unless it is fully legit. It may not be the best choice for those looking to buy garden decor online.

It is not registered

If you’re looking for a reputable place to purchase garden decor, look no further than Founded on May 25, 2021, this online store specializes in house and garden decor. From mousetrap gadgets to weed killer, they have something for every garden lover. But how can you tell if Costybgarden is registered or not? Let’s take a closer look.

The website provides information on shipping and return policies. Currently, free shipping is available for orders over 49 USD. Shipping is free internationally. Costybgarden does not list its social media icons, and you cannot follow the brand on these networks. If you purchase a product that is faulty, the company will replace it. Otherwise, if you have any concerns, you can get a full refund once you contact customer service. Costybgarden accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Unfortunately, there are no contact details on their website or on their social media pages.

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