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Must Love Ice Cream Review : If you are lactose intolerant, then you probably have heard about Must Love. The company was created by two friends who needed dairy-free ice cream. They used bananas, almond milk, and vanilla to create a delicious product. In 2016, the company was incorporated under the name Hakuna Brands. Here, we look at the ingredients in Must Love ice cream. Unlike other dairy-free ice cream, Must Love is made from real food.

Must Love Bananas ice cream

The story behind Must Love Bananas ice cream is as simple as the company itself. Founders Mollie Cha and Hannah Hong met as undergrads at UC Berkeley and became friends. When Hannah became lactose intolerant, she turned to bananas and almond milk to create a dairy-free, ice cream. With their entrepreneurial spirit, they later launched Hakuna Brands, a company dedicated to making vegan desserts.

The company’s mission statement reflects their commitment to producing dairy-free, plant-based ice cream using real ingredients and minimal amounts of refined sugar. The ice cream is available in a variety of flavors, including vanilla and banana. The new brand will launch at Sprouts and other retailers in the spring. It is made in Berkeley, California by two friends who have been best friends for sixteen years. Both of them went to UC Berkeley and realized that plant-based didn’t mean healthy.

Daiya ice cream

If you’re a dairy-free fan, you’ve probably heard about Daiya’s new dairy-free ice cream. Made with simple ingredients and a vegan lifestyle in mind, this ice cream has many positive attributes. The company’s founders, Mollie Cha and Hannah Hong, developed their ice cream using only natural, plant-based ingredients. They also use minimal amounts of refined sugar.

In addition to dairy-free options, Daiya also offers non-dairy bars, which come with a coconut cream filling and dark chocolate coating. You can choose from Classic Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Fudge Crunch, and Salted Caramel Swirl flavors. They’ve also introduced a decadent line of bars made with coconut cream and pumpkin seeds. The good news is that this line of products is now available in select Costco stores as well.

Hakuna Brands ice cream

A few years ago, the two founders of Hakuna Brands came together to launch the dairy-free brand Must Love. Hannah Hong and Mollie Cha have both been lactose intolerant since their early twenties and had to find a dairy-free alternative to ice cream. After experimenting with various flavors, they eventually perfected a banana ice cream recipe. In 2016, the two founded Hakuna Brands.

Hakuna Brands was previously bootstrapped, until they received $100,000 in investment from Stacy’s Rise Project. This latest funding will help them boost their in-store efforts and expand production to a new factory on the East Coast. Hakuna’s ice cream is made from oat milk, which is less likely to upset the stomach of lactose intolerant individuals. The company’s ice cream also comes in banana and chocolate flavors, while oat milk is a great choice for dairy-free consumers.

Modern Pop ice cream bars

When it comes to healthy snacks, Modern Pop ice cream bars are worth a try. Their avocado-based ice cream bars are vegan and low in sugar. Each bar has 10 grams of sugar or less. You can find them at supermarkets and natural grocers. These bars come in a variety of flavors, from minty to chocolate fudge. These ice cream bars are a tasty way to satisfy your craving for ice cream without the guilt!

They’re made with the best tasting, highest-quality ingredients available. Each bar is sugar-free and contains no refined sugar. The ice cream bars can be enjoyed anytime you want, and you’ll have all of the benefits of healthy eating without the guilt. The company’s frozen fruit bars are also vegan and sugar-free. So, what’s not to love? These bars are perfect for anyone on a diet.

Mollie Cha and Hannah Hong’s plant-based ice cream company

Must Love is a plant-based ice cream company founded by best friends Hannah Hong and Mollie Cha. The company has already won awards including the Stacy’s Rise Project and the Tory Burch Fellowship. In August 2020, it was named one of the top five fastest-growing non-dairy ice cream brands on Instacart. In April 2020, Mintel released data that found that one in three consumers believe plant-based ice cream is healthier.

Must Love Ice Cream uses all plant-based ingredients, including bananas and oats. Its flavor profiles are sweetened with fruit rather than chemicals, and it is vegan and gluten-free. The company’s product line includes vegan options as well, including an ice cream bar. Most dairy-based ice cream is made one way. Unlike the “nice cream” that you can find at your local supermarket, Must Love Ice Cream has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

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