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Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12

As of late, Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12 was dispatched. In this chapter, you’ll learn about Chapter 12, the Canonical bot, the Invisible car gas, and the True ending. Keep reading for more tips and tricks. We’ll also discuss the next chapter. In the meantime, enjoy this chapter! Then, check out our complete guide to Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12.

Chapter 12

The storyline in Piggy Roblox Book 2 continues with chapter twelve. This chapter focuses on the survival of the player against the dangerous Piggy. There are six game modes to choose from: player, bot, and computer controlled. The goal of the game is to make it to the end alive! There are also multiple endings for Piggy chapter 12.

The Hidden Ending has a unique badge. It resembles the True Ending badge, but it is not a canon ending. This badge may be a callback to the “True Ending” badge of Plant. This badge can be found by using code. Players can translate the hidden keypad symbols to find the Hidden Ending. You will need to download the Roblox Protocol to use it, but this will help you join the experience faster.

Canonical bot

If you’ve played Piggy Roblox Book 2, you’ve probably seen the Bot. This little character follows the survivors, tries to capture them, and spawns randomly in different locations. In the game, you can use this bot to help you in your goals, but beware: the bot is extremely smart and will try to outsmart you. In addition, this bot can sometimes move in different directions if you don’t follow it. It will also occasionally get lost if you outsmart it. The Bot will then spawn and continue to pursue the player.

While the previous bots acted a bit different from the current one, the bot in Book 2 has changed significantly. Instead of slowing the player down when they’re caught in traps, they teleport. They also tilt their heads to the left. You can destroy them by firing flares at them. However, it’s best to avoid them when you can. The Bot in the Temple is another great option. Bots are great for helping you in your journeys, as they’re helpful in gaining experience and unlocking achievements.

Invisible car gas

In Piggy Roblox Book 2, the Player escapes his home and arrives at the train station. The Player’s ears are perked up by a speaker warning him that there is a monster inside. He must get to the garage to escape. However, there’s an obstacle course in the way. After a short fight, the Player manages to get into the car and fuel it. He then meets the Mother.

True ending

Various players have been trying to find out what the “True Ending” of Piggy Roblox Book 2 is. In the game, the True Ending badge can be found on the map in Chapter 12. The code is actually 467854, which refers to notes in the game. It has to do with the first two digits of the code, 4 and 6. The rage state of the bot leads it to chase the nearest person, resulting in a badge icon that resembles the True Ending. Its background is the second distorted part of the Hidden Ending.

The true ending of Piggy Roblox Book 2 is revealed in Chapter 12. The storyline of this chapter is the most interesting. The game’s developers have woven together three different ending scenarios, the second of which has the worst outcomes. More than 1.3 million players have received the “good” ending in Piggy’s chapter, while only 0 have gotten the “true” ending. Hopefully, this new ending will allow you to make the right decision and reach the true ending of Piggy Roblox Book 2!

Release date

The release date for Piggy Roblox Book 2 is just around the corner! It is due out on September 12, 2020. If you missed the first game, there are some important details you need to know about the sequel. The game will feature different characters and skins, with the main goal being to survive the virus-infected world. Piggy Roblox Book 2 will include 11 chapters and a new chapter in October. The first game is one of the most popular games on Roblox, so you are sure to love this new addition!

The official release date of Piggy Book 2 Chapter 6 is still unknown, but we can speculate about what is being worked on. The game has already hit the top three on Twitter since its trailer was released. Meanwhile, the developer MiniToon has been giving sneak peaks of the new maps on Twitter. According to him, the book will be out this week or next, but the delay is reportedly due to new features. The lighting program will be included in the new chapter, as well.


If you’re looking for characters in Piggy Roblox Book 2, you’ve come to the right place. In this new addition to the game, you’ll meet Officer Doggy, Zuzy, Willow, and more! You’ll also meet Budgey, Markus, and Kona! In Piggy Roblox Book 2, you’ll be able to play as a variety of characters including Piggy and the other gang members.

The main antagonist of Piggy Roblox Book 2 is Mr. P. He has a red eye and a weapon in his arm. He’s like a mix between Mr. Potato Head and a Terminator. His skin is purple and he resembles the Terminator. There are also a few new characters in Piggy Roblox Book 2. There’s Skelly, a horrifying pig with a skeleton body and a fearful expression on his face. He’s harmless, but he can be frightening to look at!

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