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Manhua: The Epic Revenge Review

I’m back with another Manhua: The Epic Revenge review. This time, we’re talking about the Chinese novel Manhua – The Epic Revenge (Marshal Your Wife Run Away). In this review, I’ll talk about how well the plot and character development are done, and whether I recommend the book for manga and anime fans. The Epic Revenge is a novel that will have you turning pages at the speed of light!

Manhua – The Epic Revenge (Marshal Your Wife Run Away)

The Epic Revenge by Manhu’s authors is one of the most popular manga series ever. Written by Iciyuan Dongman and Lu Mao Jiaru Shijian, the series is currently available in English translation and has 470 chapters. Other chapters are currently in translation. You can find them all in the MangaGG collection.

Revenge Wears Prada

After the incredibly successful Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger is back with a follow-up, The Epic Revenge Wears Prada. The sequel to the popular fashion novel follows Andy, who was an assistant to Miranda, the editor in chief of a prestigious fashion magazine. Unfortunately, Miranda is abusive, and she terrorizes her staff, including Andy. In order to escape her boss’s control, Andy quit her job and moves to New York. However, her new life brings her back to Miranda Priestley.

Though The Epic Revenge Wears Prada starts slowly, it quickly picks up momentum. The book features a wide range of well-drawn characters, and it will keep you turning pages. If you haven’t read the first book in the series, I recommend reading it first. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to skip ahead to this one. It’s worth a try if you enjoy The Devil Wears Prada.

While The Devil Wears Prada was a massive international hit, Lauren Weisberger has continued to make her characters’ lives interesting by reimagining their situations and bringing them into the real world. In the sequel to The Epic Revenge Wears Prada, titled The Devil Returns, Andrea is running a luxury bridal magazine, while Miranda is considering buying it. And, Andrea is about to marry Max, a rich guy. And, she ends up pregnant. But despite her success, she’s unable to escape her glamorous life.

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