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What should you need to know about Vital Chakra Shop Reviews

The website for Vital Chakra Shop Reviews is based online and has an owner and a website address. However, there are no testimonials, social media accounts, or complete contact information. This makes the site seem unreliable and suspicious. Hopefully, this website will be updated soon to provide more information about their products and services. Otherwise, the jewelry and gift items on the site are of good quality and the store’s website looks legitimate.

No customer reviews

The website of Vital Chakra Shop is a web-based jewellery store. While there is mention of the founder and the company’s background, there are no reviews on Trustpilot or other review websites. Further, there is no contact information and no social media profiles. Because of these shortcomings, we cannot trust the company. We suggest that you look elsewhere for more information. If you do find a vital chakra shop, please leave a review of your experience with it.

The Vital Chakra Shop’s website contains no customer testimonials or feedback. Its About Us page is 93% plagiarized, and it lacks company contact information, including a phone number. The site has no business address or phone number and mentions the owner. Unfortunately, Vital Chakra Shop does not have any customer testimonials on Trustpilot, and this makes it difficult to find any. As a result, we are unable to recommend this business.

No client surveys

There are no client surveys on Vital Chakra Shop’s website. The website is not updated, has no social media presence, and doesn’t mention shipping or return policies. The store also doesn’t provide any contact details or policies. There are also no customer reviews on Vital Chakra Shop’s website. However, there are some positive things that the company does have on its site. Its website is easy to navigate, but it is lacking in some crucial areas.

No shipping policies

There are no customer feedback or social media accounts at Vital Chakra Shop, and there are no policies on the website. The content on the About Us page is 93% plagiarized, and there is no mention of the company’s address or phone number. The Vital Chakra Shop’s About Us page is incomplete and does not include a shipping policy. There are no customer reviews or comments, and there are no contact details, other than the name of the owner.

If you’re planning to purchase products from Vital Chakra Shop, it’s important to understand their shipping policy. The website does not specify it. However, it does list various payment options: ApplePay, ShopPay, PayPal, Visa, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards. Moreover, there’s a contact form on the website, but it’s not very detailed. There are no testimonials from previous customers, and there’s no information on their return policy.

Online jewelry store

Sadly, there aren’t any Vital Chakra Shop reviews online. The company is still new, and there’s no way to find out if the site is trustworthy. The website doesn’t have any social media accounts, customer reviews, or complete contact details. The trustworthiness of this online jewelry store is extremely low. This store seems to be suspicious of its customers, and that’s not a good sign.

There’s no mention of shipping policies on the Vital Chakra Shop website, which is an indication of its lack of transparency. However, the website does list the company’s owner and different payment options. You can pay with Visa, ApplePay, PayPal, or credit cards. Moreover, the website offers no customer testimonials, and there are no reviews on Trustpilot. However, the store does offer a newsletter. You can also find the company’s official email address. If you’re still unsure of whether to buy a piece of jewelry, check the company’s return policy and contact information.

Low trust score

When it comes to the content of Vital Chakra Shop reviews, there are a few issues that stand out as red flags. The website does not have a social media presence, no customer feedback, no contact information, and the content is 99% copied from another website. Furthermore, the website is missing the owner’s name and contact details. Thus, it is not possible to trust this company. It is also impossible to find out if Vital Chakra Shop is a legitimate company based on the testimonials.

While the Vital Chakra Shop website has an official email address, it lacks testimonials and social media accounts. The website also doesn’t have complete contact details, which make it difficult for consumers to contact the company. In addition, the website is not prone to customer reviews, which is a major red flag. Nevertheless, if you’re still interested in their products, you can purchase them without having any doubts.

Age 2022/03/09
Trust Score Very Low
Social Media Appreance N/A
Alexa Rank N/A
Customer Complaints N/A
Contact address N/A
payment Apple Pay, Discover, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Shop Pay, Visa etc.
Category Fashion
Return policy 30 days
Delivery time 5-10 days
Contact Number Details N/A
Email Address

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